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Hidden Treasures - © Acantho Tesoros ocultos - Acantho

1. The Monegros



Halfway between Huesca and Zaragoza and with the Sierra de Alcubierre mountain range as its backbone, this semi-desert steppe stands out for its singularity.

We will discover curious geological sandstone formations on this excursion, such as torrollones (large towers), ripas or chimeneas de hadas (fairy chimneys), as well as a few "oases" which result in water landscapes, such as the bank of the River Cinca or the lakes and salt lakes of Sariñena and Bujaraloz, where a lot of waterfowl seek shelter.

We will understand how geographical originality conditions the settling of some plant and animal communities of great value, which have adapted to the strong contrasts in temperature, exposure to the sun and drought. Included in these species are curious endemic species whose relatives inhabit the north of Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.


1. Monegros, the “European desert”
The Monegros - © Acantho
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