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The Western Valleys Nature Park covers the most northerly area of the La Jacetania region. There are many emblematic spots in store for us here, such as the Oza forests and the forests of Gamueta, Aguastuertas, Zuriza, and mountains of great character, such as the Castillo de Acher, Aspe or Bisaurín.

Predominantly limestone landscapes, with lots of karsts, as well as the Atlantic influence as a differentiating factor bringing in damp masses which translate into green landscapes: thick beech and fir tree forests, or high-lying pastures for the large herds of cattle. As for the tracks left by mankind, the abundance of prehistoric dolmens is noteworthy.

We will dedicate a little time to getting to know some of the towns in the area, such as Ansó and Hecho, which have preserved their traditions and culture.


6. The Magic of the Western Valleys
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Western Valleys - © Acantho
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