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Cultural Parks, Teruel - © Acantho Parques Culturales Teruel - © Acantho

3. Around the River Martín


The River Martín Cultural Park spreads out around the river’s course, the linking point of a region which brings together a rich and diverse heritage: cave paintings, Iberian settlements and medieval monuments right in the middle of places of great ecological and scenic value.

The surprises which await us around its canyons and gorges are many and varied, such as those in towns like Albalate del Arzobispo, Oliete, with its two Iberian settlements and its huge pit of San Pedro, or Peñarroyas, Montalbán, Alcaine and Ariño, which still partly maintain the traditional way of life.

For those looking to escape to the authentic and find beauty in simplicity, the River Martín is an excellent option.




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River Martín - © Acantho
3. Around the River Martín
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