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Belchite, ghost town


Old Belchite - © Acantho

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Old Belchite has become a symbol of the horror of the civil war. A monument to the barbarity and fanaticism, violence and absurdity, shame and failure of intelligence.

Passing through its desolate streets, we will imagine the racket of the shooting and explosions, the fear of the civilians and the pain of the wounded. We will also explore the ruins of the bygone rich artistic heritage, and discover what actually happened here and why, without losing sight of the perception that, behind the “official" story with its dates and battles, what remains anonymously is the tragedy of those who have lost everything.

Belchite is the silent witness of a tragedy which should not be forgotten.

Civil War - © Acantho
Alcubierre trenches - © Acantho

The war front cut across the region of Los Monegros through the Sierra de Alcubierre (mountain range), an area of great strategic importance as it controlled the movement of people and communication and was one of the keys to accessing Zaragoza. Part of this war setting has been recovered so that we can feel and imagine with greater realism the cold winters during which there was a shortage of everything, as well as the solitude of the hill where for almost a year and a half the troupes were located, and among them G. Orwell.

The main fortification we will visit covers a front of over one hundred metres and is made up of various military installations (trenches, niches, shelters). A walk up to the “Posición San Simón” (San Simon front-line trenches) and a visit to the nearby Robres museum are complementary activities for this excursion.

Sierra de Alcubierre, the Orwell Route
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