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2. The Cinco Villas: a Journey to the Middle Ages


Cinco Villas - © Acantho

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Cinco Villas is an extensive region in the Province of Zaragoza with a marked character, a land of intense rural aroma and generous and extravagant people. Its varied scenery, from the vast southerly plains in the Bardenas to the lush green mountain ranges in the North, is home to a rich biodiversity.

The cultural heritage is boundless, with Romanesque art as a highlight which we can view in historical sites such as the monumental towns of Sos del Rey Católico and Uncastillo, as well as in other enchanting towns including Sádaba, Luna, Biel, Luesia and Farasdués. Mudejar towers, narrow, winding Jewish quarters or haughty Romanesque fortresses silently await us. Inviting landscapes which provoke unhurried, relaxed strolls.

Medieval Routes - © Acantho
2. Las Cinco Villas
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