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3. Castles in the Pre-Pyrenees


3. The Marca Hispanica (Spanish March): Castles of Huesca


Castles of Huesca - © Acantho

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The Marca Hispanica (Spanish March or March of Barcelona), created by Charlemagne, was a border territory, a “barrier” for blocking the Muslim advance, which lasted until the independence of various counties such as Aragon, becoming a Kingdom in 1035. In this geographical area, the castles and towers, built on high visibility spots, continued forming a network which served both as a project of defence and dominance of the surrounding territory. 

We bring you a fascinating journey in time with spectacular medieval settings: Loarre, Montearagón, Alquézar, Muro de Roda and Samitier. An overlapping of history and legend: Moors and Christians, warriors and monks, lords and commoners…

Medieval Routes - © Acantho
2. Las Cinco Villas
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