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The names of Caesaraugusta, Medina al-Baida Saraqusta and Zaragoza allude to the eras of a city which has been serving as a crossroads for 20 centuries.

Zaragoza is open and welcoming, traditional but modern, lively and rapidly expanding, a venue for international events with promising future prospects.

Discovering its monuments, streets and squares, as well as its atmosphere, people, gastronomy; travelling in time aided by Roman, Muslim and Christian ruins (70 of its monuments have been declared Sites of Artistic Interest), with places such as the Aljafería Palace, the La Seo Cathedral and the Plaza del Pilar, all constitute activities which don't disappoint anyone.




Zaragoza: 2000 Years of Splendour

Click here to watch the professional video about Zaragoza which will make you choose this city as your holiday destination (2 min. in length).

Why Zaragoza?
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