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1. Camino de Santiago


1. The Route of the Stars: the Aragonese St. James’ Way


Way of St. James - © Acantho


During Medieval times, the Milky Way acted as a guide in the dark to the Finis Terrae. The Aragonese section of this thousand-year-old path, declared Europe's First Cultural Itinerary and Heritage of Humanity, is of great artistic and historical interest which we will discover as we cross beautiful landscapes.

From the Summus Portus, a Pyrenees landmark on the French border, we will go deep into the historical Valley of Aragon and come out at the Cathedral of Jaca, the first of the Romanesque gems on our route. From here we will take a detour in search of the Holy Grail at the remote Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, a perfect symbiosis of art and nature, and to the nearby Santa Cruz de la Serós.
Medieval Routes - © Acantho
2. Las Cinco Villas
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