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Photography Tourism - © Acantho



An activity designed for small groups of no more
than 15 people.

Photography tourism: a different approach

Led by a professional photographer, we will take our time "hunting down" natural and human landscapes, in search of the magic of pictures: The hieratic pose of a Romanesque sculpture, the flowing of spring water, the deliquescence of a flower, the shades of a limestone cliff at sunset, the details of a town balcony, the indulgence of old people and cats in the sun… endless reasons for practising photography, learning tricks and techniques, learning camera secrets, travelling with companions who share your love of photography.

We always base these trips on principles based on respect for the environment and the local people.

Photography Tourism - © Acantho Photography Tourism - © Acantho Photography Tourism - © Acantho

Photography Tourism - © Acantho
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