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Wine and Gastronomy Tourism - © Acantho



“A good opportunity to enjoy and love wine, discovering landscapes sip by sip”

Gastronomy is our surrounding landscapes arranged
in a dish

Our offer consists in routes focused on the gastronomy and/or wines from the regions of Aragon and La Rioja, allowing you to enjoy yourself using all five senses, trying different things and finding yourself pleasantly surprised, finding out about the products, how they are prepared and preserved, the recipes and presentation. You also have the option of visiting wineries, markets, factories, workshops, farms and small businesses of a wide variety of products: wine, chocolate, cheese, cold meats, preserves, honey, sweets and confections.

Aragonese gastronomy displays a strong personality, forged by complex roots and an inheritance of a variety of cultures which have left their mark. The great variety and quality of products, such as Teruel ham, Aragonese lamb, borage, thistle, beans, mushrooms and truffles, Lower Aragon Olive Oil, Fuentes onions and Calanda peaches, is the basis of our tasty and simple traditional gastronomy, based on popular stews, alongside another more modern, innovative and re-invented gastronomy.

Aragon and its neighbour La Rioja are regions where the wine culture represents a natural way of life. Diving into the world of any of the Designations of Origin (Borja, Calatayud, Cariñena, Somontano, Rioja) or Regional Wines (Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas, Ribera del Queiles, Valle del Cinca, Bajo Aragón, Valdejalón, Ribera del Jiloca) by visiting their wineries, vineyards, restaurants and tapas bars is a treat as well as a learning experience.
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Wine and Gastronomy Tourism - © Acantho
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